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    How we work:

1.) Register OR Log-on: Simply create a username and fill in your email – we’ll email you a password (which can be very easily changed) so you can keep track of the status of your questions.
2.) Suggest how much help you need, like basic or advanced help or a complete tutorial, your suggested price for as much help you needed, a deadline for the 9question & Wait for a review: We want to provide you with the best quality work for a reasonable price. Please feel free to suggest what you think a reasonable amount of payment is for the work that needs completed and we will respond. This allows for some negotiation so we can make sure all parties involved are happy.
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    What we offer:

We are pleased to announce three different services for you to take advantage of:


If you only have small number of questions –every so often – we encourage you to use the Ask a Question feature. This allows you to ask a single question. So if you are stuck on that one chemistry question on your homework or need help understanding a concept in math this is the place for you!


Get an OX is designed to set you up with a tutor for the entire length of your course – so you don’t have to worry about hard questions and insane concepts coming your way as your course progresses – it is your one stop shop for all the help you will need. By doing this you can ask an unlimited number of questions and have a single tutor dedicated to helping you succeed in your course. Did you sign up to take statistics this semester and you’re having trouble understanding the concepts? This is the best option for you!

Our subject experts specialize in answering any of your academic questions, specially from any of the following very popular courses:

– BHE 225
– BUS 210
– COM 140
– COM 220
– CRT 205
– ECO 205
– ETH 125
– HCA 220
– HUM 130
– MAT 116
– MAT 117
– MTH 209
– PSY 210
– SCI 230
– SCI 241
– SCI 275
– STR 581

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