Describe the four basic strategies for competing internationally.

1. Describe the four basic strategies for competing internationally. a. Home replication b. Multi domestic c. Global d. Transnational 2. Market analysis and assessment identifies a small number of viable markets by eliminating those that are unattractive. Screenings have been sequenced so the less difficult and less expensive ones come first. Define the following steps in the recommended sequence of market screenings covered in your text: a. Initial screening basic need potential b. Second screening the financial and economic forces c. Third screening political and legal forces d. Fourth screening social cultural forces e. Fifth screening competitive forces f. Final selection of new market. Part B: Answer each of the following questions in two or three sentences. 1. Briefly list several advantages of focusing attention on a nation that s already a sizable purchaser of goods from the would be exporter s country. 2. Briefly define the two kinds of currency floats, free(clean) and managed(dirty). 3. Briefly define capitalism. 4. Briefly define communism. 5. Briefly define swaps and derivatives.

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